austin theatre review

Friday, March 31, 2006

Shameless Plugging

I've been directing for the past month or so for the Scottish Rite Children's Theatre. After the inevitable struggles of first getting to know a theatre company and staff, I've got high hopes for the show. My little old goal was to make the show the best the company has done yet, and I'll rely a lot on feedback from the staff and audience. We've gotta be hella close, though.

Tonight's the preview audience, then, the wonderful charity crowd, when we finally get to see whether the audience interaction bits this theatre is so fond of work out. Cross yer fingers for me.

What a relief, though, to be doing exactly what I want to do, with all the research and homework and psychology work of getting the actors and designers and me on the same line of thinking. There are some strong personalities involved at the Scottish Rite, me included, I'm sure, and my worries about the style of the show not pulling together proved to clear up in the end, for the most part. I hope I successfully walked the line between seeming confident and calm and seeming just plain blithe.

So a big thanks to all the folks at the theatre, for laying on me all the trust that has to come with hiring a new director; here's hoping you're as satisfied with the results as I hope to be.

Updates, then, after the preview crowd and the opening show.